A little bit about Tisha ...

Tisha always believed there had to be something more to life ... something easier.

After listening to what society in this reality says you have to do to have the perfect life, she realized she was deeply discontented with what she had created.  The job, car, house...the entire life - it all seemed so pointless!  When did she get to actually LIVE?  When did she get to ENJOY this life?  She was made to feel wrong - like she didn't appreciate what she had, when others had so much less.  That wasn't it though - while appreciative, she knew she didn't want a mediocre life - a life this reality said she should be content with.  She discovered personal development, and things started to shift.  It didn't all really fall into place though, until she discovered Access Consciousness and Access Bars.  In less than a year, she had attended multiple life-changing classes and her reality truly began to shift.  All of a sudden, she didn't have to be wrong for desiring more!  She didn't have to settle for what this reality said she should be happy with.  What could be created now??

Now, Tisha looks to help people realize their unique desires for this life aren't wrong.  That anything they can dream of is possible with a little determination and some tools.

What is possible when you realize you can create anything you can imagine?.