Time for a Change!


Grant Gallicano

The other day, I was looking out the window at the most amazing sunrise. I was thinking I should grab my camera and capture this magnificent wonder when a storm rolled in. It was surprising how quickly the weather changed – from a beautiful sunny morning into a windy, thundery, wet, rainy one! Then, within 15 minutes, the storm had passed, and it was back to sunny again. 

This got me thinking. Nature didn’t appear to have any point of view over changing how the weather was showing up. Other than some fallen branches and wet streets, there was no residual impact from the storm. It was sunny, then rainy, then sunny again. Cool! 

Nature had just gifted me a perfect example of an Access Consciousness tool – living in 10 second increments! Using this tool, you can make a choice, live in that choice for 10 seconds, then based on how it is impacting your experience, you get to choose again for the next 10 seconds. 

I realize this isn’t how things usually work. Normally, we agonize about the choices we have, trying very hard to ensure we make the “right” choice, because we must live with that choice for the rest of our life. What if it didn’t have to work that way? Certain choices do have consequences resulting in long-term impact, yet I don’t see where all our choices have a “must be perfect or else” condition. A conversation I was having with an artist I know is a great example. She was painting and tried something new, but it didn’t create the result she was looking for. While I’m sure there were some choice words used, she simply went at it again and changed it. 

What if we actually have the ability to make a choice, then depending on the impact that choice has, we have the ability to simply choose again? How would this affect your ability to choose? Would it remove the dread associated with the need to ensure we always make the “right” choice? Now, I am not saying avoid looking at the ramifications of your actions, just remove some of the weight of the need to be perfect in everything you choose. 

I am fairly certain that Nature didn’t look at the effect of that storm and say, “I really messed up that sunrise. I better beat myself up for the next couple of weeks over the damage I did.” Nah – I’m pretty sure that Nature just said, “Cool, what else can I choose now?"