The Wrong Jacket!


Grant Gallicano

I recently attended a wedding reception (a wonderful occasion) and while I was there, I took my jacket off and left it on the back of a chair. As with any wedding reception, the chairs got moved around during the night and the chair with my jacket on it wasn’t where I left it. Apparently, my jacket style is popular because when I looked around there were actually three jackets that looked identical on chairs close by. I picked up the one that was closest to me and tried it on. 

It was way too small! There was no possibility that I ate that much at the buffet. It obviously wasn’t my jacket, so I went to try on the next closest. Now, let’s suppose for a second that I didn’t realise that it wasn’t my jacket. What would I have done? I could have tried to squeeze into it, judging that I really did eat too much at the buffet, or decided it must be something else wrong with me and then get all upset and bent out of shape with myself as I tried to make it fit. I might even take it home and bring it to a tailor to have them adjust it to make it more comfortable for me. I know this sounds incredibly silly, and the truth is, I believe we do this all the time -not with a jacket, but rather with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Have you ever walked into a room where two people have just finished arguing and you just knew something was off? Even though they stopped the fight before you arrived! That negative, sticky energy hangs around, and we can tell. That is your awareness kicking in, letting you know what was happening even without witnessing it. What if you are more aware than you realize? What if you can pick up on someone else’s energy without being that close to them? Just like at the wedding reception dinner buffet, where you have choice on what you put on your plate, can you see the idea of being able to pick up on someone else’s thoughts, feelings, or emotions as food for thought? 

Let’s review a specific possibility! Like anxiety, this seems like a pretty common issue for people these days. I saw a recent survey that suggested 10% of the population suffers from some form of anxiety. That means that out of every 10 people you know, there is a possibility that 1 of them has experienced anxiety at some point. Perhaps even you! Is it possible, if you found yourself feeling anxious for no apparent reason, that it might be a similar situation to when you walk into a room where a fight has just occurred, and rather than this anxious feeling being yours, you are actually aware of someone else’s anxiety? I’m not saying that this is what is happening, rather just asking the question – what if? 

Interestingly, while at this wedding reception, I was having a chat with someone who was admitting to experiencing some anxiety. I simply asked the question: “Is this anxious feeling yours?”, and with that possibility of not “owning the anxiety”, the feeling left them. It was a pretty epic question! It definitely shifted the experience of that individual! So, this idea of the thoughts, feelings, or emotions you have taken on but are not actually yours, might have some merit. Or maybe not, who is to say? 

Just like when I grabbed the wrong jacket – the next time you find yourself feeling out of sorts, ask yourself the simple question: Is this mine? Or not …. the choice is always yours.