Can You Fix Me!


Grant Gallicano

I recently attended a weekend Healthy Lifestyle Expo here in Trail. One of the common questions I heard was “Can You Fix Me?”. I found this rather interesting. First off, that so many people thought they were broken and second, that they were all looking for someone to change that. 

When I actually put my awareness towards this idea, it is very common. That feeling that you are in a long, dark tunnel with no visible light anywhere; you can’t see the beginning or the end of the tunnel, and you can’t even make out what the walls look like. This is a dark place to be! When you are in this place you are looking for anyone or anything that can help shed some light on the situation. It is actually scary how many people put themselves in this position. 

It reminds me of several of the healing workshops I have attended. Although they were different modalities, the template of these workshops appeared to follow a similar model. At first the facilitator builds up the belief of the participants, either through stories that they can relate to or demonstrations on selected individuals from within the audience. As the belief level increases, the healing miracles begin to occur. I admit this is a pretty simplified description of a highly researched area of study. The book that comes to mind for me is “You Are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In this book he describes the idea that, “by changing your internal state, you can change your external reality”. Similar to Wayne Dyer’s quote: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change”. He continues to say that, “With practice, you can learn to quickly adjust your set points for stress hormones and healing hormones”. The basic idea I see here is that you are responsible for your own healing – as soon as you get your mind out of the way! 

This is what I love about Spiritual Psychology and Access Consciousness Facilitation – it can’t fix you because it doesn’t see you as broken, and you are way too powerful to have anyone other than yourself heal you! What this facilitation does is open the door to a different set of possibilities that you might choose. It basically turns on a flashlight for you while you are in that dark tunnel! Helping you to see that the walls are actually doorways to a different possibility, one where it isn’t so dark that you require a flashlight. I have been turning on flashlights for a number of years now and one thing that I have come to realize is that if your eyes are closed because of a fixed point of view, (like “I’m broken” or “you can’t help me”) it doesn’t matter how many doorways to new possibilities are opened, it is up to you to choose something different. 

I can bring other possibilities forward as a choice for you, which may not have been available because of how you were seeing your situation. But you are the one with the power here. The power is in your ability to make a different choice once you see the other possibilities. 

In answer to the question, “Can you fix me?” my answer is always no, because I do not see you as broken. I can, however, offer to turn on a flashlight in a dark situation. The next time you find yourself in a dark situation – can you ask yourself the simple question: Is something else possible here? Or not ... the choice is always yours.